Random Rex

by Random Rex

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Standing on Occam’s Razor Wondering which way to fall Believer or skeptic What do we really know? Ahead stands 2 doorways Ahead stands a choice A doorway to deception A doorway to a better life Be a skeptic of unproven visions Be a skeptic of hateful ideals If you must believe in something Believe in love instead of hate Words by Jim
Future Tense 04:10
Allen / Bezos / Branson / Musk Allen / Bezos / Branson / Musk Allen / Bezos / Branson / Musk Future tense they are Blasting off with a bang Stairway to the stars Allen / Bezos / Branson / Musk A joy ride to the moon? Or save humanity from its folly? Allen / Bezos / Branson / Musk Software /Bookstore / Airline / Cars Beating NASA at its own game No government subsidies needed 2nd vs Allen / Bezos / Branson / Musk Future tense they are Blasting off with a bang Allen / Bezos / Branson / Musk Future tense they are To go where no one has gone before Just a joy ride to the moon? To save humanity from its folly? Allen / Bezos / Branson / Musk Allen / Bezos / Branson / Musk Future tense they are Words by Jim
Caught in the middle of a tesseract Feels there's no fighting back There's no being satisfied Can't, no matter how I've tried Everything is going perfect But somehow I see a defect Closing my doors, I'm sure you know There's no more, It all must go Chorus If you ever fall, if you need me If you ever fail, you can count on me One thing is true, I'll know what to do This promise I keep, I'm selling you cheap Words by Mark
Randomly rolling without any reason Chaos is coming, 'tis the season Downward and outward we all fall down Mischief is king, we place the crown Determined to fail things come apart Everything broken, we do our part Remnants of humans burn in the crash The rubble of ruin rot in the trash Fallen angels blacken their wings Hearken the heralding of kings Ever widening the chasm we hail Embrace the abyss, determined to fail Insatiable hunger we must feed it more Eating the flesh of the few that are pure Heed the call you know what to do Random Rex is coming for you Words by Mark
We stand on two shores across from one another Reach out your arms try to touch one another Spinning in space We're worlds away If we try we can float away Setting our sails for far from home It's time to let it all go Can't live in a world so full-filling With an emptiness that's chilling Are we there yet? Are we there yet? In an age with no art we will all fall apart When it grinds to a halt The future is our fault If we can only see one another Reaching out to find each other Words by Mark
It’s your body / it’s your mind Which goes first / is not your choice It all goes at once / maybe not We just hope / the end is quick It is what it is / it is what it is You can’t trust / people over 30 That was a lie / that wasn’t nice You’re born to live / you’re born to die No one here / gets out alive It is what it is / It is what it is Random Rex says - why worry? Random Rex says - be not afraid Random Rex says - There’s no hurry Random Rex says - Have some fun It is what it is / it is what it is Words by Jim
In love or space Random Rex may seem like fate But it isn’t What’s here is now Random Rex is all somehow To the limit But some things remain Random Rex doesn’t play that game Get with it When you have an itch to scratch The sweetness may turn to ouch Scratch and Burn Words by Jim
Snake Eyes 03:51
Rattle them bones Roll them dice The die is cast Into the Unknown Once you throw You can’t take it back You’re in the realm Of Random Rex Once you throw You’re fate is sealed Take a chance Close your eyes Get yourself ready For the big surprise Random Rex Shake it up You keep on hoping It’s not snake eyes Random Rex Shake it up! Words by Jim
Jump on through take a leap into your future you can too come and see what you can do here See the past Everything you never were It won't last Nothing comes of something good Words by Mark


released March 6, 2020

Link to Future Tense Video

Tim Random - Drums
Jim Random - Vocals / Guitars / Synths / Loops / Manipulation
Mark Random - Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Synths / Loops
With Jesse Montijo - Sax and Flute
Recorded by Cyberchump and Tim Higgins @
Chumplabs Alpha / Omega & Studio 1A (Milwaukee / KCMO / PVKS)
Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Cyberchump
Al Songs by Jim Skeel & Mark G.E. © ℗ BMI (2020)

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Random Rex

Random Rex is Jim Skeel, Mark G.E. and Tim Higgins. Members of Cyberchump and Short-term Memory create heavy psychedelic rock at the edge of the abyss.

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